Best 5 Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in India

In India, one of the main sectors is the food and beverage sector and equipment also. The F&B sector had a market value of INR 4 trillion as of the fiscal year 2020, according to sources. The cost of living and the demand for entertainment are both rising along with the urban population and citizen income. 

Many people interested in the industry as a result of this. As a primary or supplementary source of income, more and more people are considering opening a cafe or restaurant.

The management of even a small café or restaurant is a difficult undertaking to do. Several considerations must made, as well as numerous difficulties. Managing the kitchen is one of the biggest issues a food service operator has.

High-quality commercial kitchen equipment required to provide the best-tasting cuisine. Additionally, we offer you a broad range of both new and pre-owned commercial kitchen equipment. 

We make a consistent effort to offer you the best selection of commercial kitchen appliances from nationally renowned foodservice suppliers. With us, you get the best possible price on every piece of equipment, from strong constraint ranges for preparing tables to custom-fabricated grease hood systems. 

Due to their enormous popularity among our clients, they are currently offering select kitchen equipment at a price that has never been lower. Additionally, they give our clients the option to browse brands when choosing their culinary appliances. 

Such industrial kitchens need a variety of tools and equipment in order to operate efficiently. Vegetables, foodstuffs, crockery, and other display items need to stored in large quantities as they are either raw ingredients or display items. 

Many manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment offer devices to effectively store such supplies, making the owner’s job easier. Kitchen business needs many more support in there line

Best Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in India

KitchenramaKitchen Equipment Companies

Kitchenrama Legacy began operations in 1996 to bring world-class commercial kitchen equipment to India. To Carter every kitchen equipment requirement of the HoReCa industry. 

The fastest growing industry with head office in Delhi and associate branches across the sub-continent. Deals in every essential piece of equipment required for an efficient kitchen saves costs and increases kitchen productivity. 

From Facility of food service equipment to hotels, restaurants, food courts, cinemas & malls. Kitchenrama is a one-step door solution for all commercial kitchen equipment. 

Offering a wide range of Kitchen and Refrigeration equipment in hotels located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Chandigarh including facility planning of hotels, and restaurants. 

The precedence and convenience of obtaining diversified equipment from KFSEs. Proactively in the arena of Foodservice equipment for establishing commercial kitchens namely bakeries, bars, coffee shops, fast food joints, cloud kitchens, industrial canteens, retail outlets and so more gives you one highly dependable source. Advantage of the single control point. 

A very prominent company where all products are tested and evaluated before being sold to any retail store or partners. Representing numerous business brands with their own identity in the marketplace. 

The Grafyt

Grafyt is one of the top producers of kitchen appliances in India. They serve as a one-stop shop for all the equipment needed in the HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, and cafe) sector.

The organization has its main office in Navi Mumbai and additional locations/offices in more than 50 Indian cities. The business sells and produces kitchen appliances from both domestic and foreign brands. Promac, Rational, BUTLER, Dean, Electrolux, Icematic, Indiwash, NECTA, and other kitchen appliance manufacturers are available at The Grafyt.

The company offers a wide range of products with around 40 manufacturers in India and has over 100+ manufacturing, brand, and service partners.

 The business represents numerous different brands in addition to having its own items. Its primary location is in Mumbai.

The business renowned for its high-quality finished goods and broad selection of products, which include refrigeration equipment, exhaust hoods with filters, commercial kitchen equipment, and bakery equipment.

According to the company, all items and equipment evaluated on a number of criteria before being sold or given to retail stores or partners. They also claim to employ only the highest quality raw materials.

 The company provides installation, lifetime service, and 10,000+ items, among other services, for kitchen equipment. Commercial refrigerators, cooking equipment, beverage equipment, commercial mixers, blenders, slicers, and restaurant furnishings are some of the kitchen equipment that the company sells.

Udai Kitchen Equipment

Udai Kitchen Equipment enjoys creating industrial kitchen equipment, also known as commercial kitchen equipment, for use in hotels, restaurants, food courts, businesses, and other institutional settings. 

We constantly strive to provide products of the highest caliber. Udai Kitchen Equipment has been a leader in the manufacture of restaurant, hotel, canteen, industrial, and commercial kitchen equipment for over 25 years.

The company’s headquarters or manufacturing facility is in the Rajasthani city of Udaipur. The organization uses top-notch materials and sophisticated equipment to create its goods. The business has preserved its customers’ trust by evolving over time and utilizing the most recent technology.

Products made by Udai Kitchen Equipment in accordance with customer specifications. They sell a variety of goods, including commercial service section equipment, bar equipment, pantry equipment, preparation equipment, display counters, storage equipment, food display counters, and glass display counters.

HRH Group of Hotels, Mewargarh, King’s Abode, Radisson hotels and resorts, HYATT Hyderabad, HYATT Amritsar, Umaid Lake Palace, HYATT Regency, Club Mahindra, Fateh Niwas Udaipur, Chunda Palace, Golden Tulip, Holiday Inn. 

And many others are just a few of the company’s clientele. The business operates under brands such as Hobart, Santos, Scotsman, Sirman, Ugolini, Winterhalter, and Elanpro, among others.

Thomson & Thomsons kitchen equipment

Thomson & Thomsons, a recognised business in the sector that manufactures, trades, and exports a wide range of high-quality kitchen appliances, founded in the year 2000. Our offered array of products to our esteemed customers comprises Refrigeration Equipment, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Exhaust Hood With Filter, and many more. 

These items are highly regarded in the market for their flawless finishes and correct designs. Our assortment of products, which developed and produced using premium-grade raw materials, is put through a variety of quality checks to ensure that they meet the highest requirements. 

This product’s raw materials, which we are using in the manufacturing process, are from reputable and trustworthy market suppliers.

Because of their extraordinary qualities, the products we are offering are highly regarded by our distinguished customers. Furthermore, this selection collection is available with a variety of conditions at incredibly low prices. 

We have constructed a cutting-edge infrastructure that is fully equipped with all modern machines and tools in order to produce a variety of items that are of the highest quality. Additionally, we have a large infrastructure unit with excellent facilities where all the products stored efficiently and safely. 

Along with this, our organization’s success is a result of the tireless efforts of our team members, who fully understand what our clients require in order for us to meet their needs.

MAX Equipment

A commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer called Max Equipment founded in 2008. Mumbai houses its primary workplace or manufacturing facility. They are a well-known manufacturer and exporter of a variety of kitchen appliances.

Mumbai is where they have their main office or production facility. The company makes a variety of goods, including bar countertops, kitchen racks, gas ranges, pizza ovens, potato peelers, glass storage racks, cocktail stations, utility carts, dough mixers, etc.

Since its establishment in 2012, Max Equipment has established itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of a variety of kitchen appliances and related items, including Gas Ranges, Bar Counters, Kitchen Racks, Utility Trolleys, Chinese Cooking Ranges, Dough Kneader, Pizza Oven, Potato Peeler, Chapatti Plate with Puffer, Cocktail Station, and Glass Storage Rack.

These are highly praised by a variety of industries because of their distinctive qualities, such as silent operation, high efficiency, corrosion resistance, etc. The company’s success is a result of the commitment and hard work of its complete staff of qualified professionals. In order to improve our selection of equipment, our R&D team is extremely important. Our stringent quality control procedures aid us in upholding our product’s high standards of quality. 

We are able to meet the large needs of our clients within the allotted time frame thanks to the assistance of our advanced infrastructure. Our business is moving up the success ladder. His extensive industry experience has aided us in building a solid position on the global stage.

Bhargava equipment

Since its establishment in 2012, Bhargav Equipments has been a well-known name in the market by producing and delivering a broad range of kitchen equipment. We are showcasing cooking equipment, preparing and processing equipment, and service equipment within our assortment of quality-approved products.

The products that offered are made with premium materials while adhering to industry rules and regulations. Customers adore our products for their high levels of durability, sturdy construction, and superb finishing standards. In addition, we deliver these products within the promised time frame at an affordable price.

One of the leading Commercial Kitchen & Food Service Equipment Designers, Manufacturers, and Suppliers in Mumbai is Bhargav Equipments. Bhargav Equipments focused on working with and expanding in the hotel, restaurant, hospital, food court, canteen, and cafeteria industries. Our goal is to always serve customers with 100% satisfaction. Our skilled team of professionals creates high-quality equipment.

A rigorous quality assurance process is used to ensure the quality of every item we offer. A highly developed and excellent infrastructure unit has been created by us. All the required equipment and tools are present in our assembly line. Like that, we have assembled a team of qualified professionals to handle all of our business interactions.

After reviewing their prior work experiences and local knowledge, we have assembled our team of professionals. Through the services we provide and the products we sell, we aim to provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution. By placing the coordination in our capable and dependable hands, our clients can enjoy a hassle-free kitchen makeover.


One of the leading manufacturers of kitchen equipment in India is the businesses mentioned above. They offer a wide variety of items to meet the needs of their many different consumers, and they are well-known for their after-sale services. These businesses offer more than just goods; they also offer services including product installation, training, and maintenance.