Best Astrologer in Gurgaon

Humans are primarily aware that the universe governed by a divine or external force that has an impact on our daily lives. While some people may not believe it, the majority of the world’s population believes in some of the influences on the planetary system and astrologer.

“And stars have our fate.” Indian astrology, or Hindu astrology, is widely respected and practised throughout the country.

The Vedas serve as the foundation of Hindu astrology. Hindus believe in planetary positioning and movement at the time of birth. There is an impact on our lives, and these influences are the result of our karmic past.

So, for those who are still sceptical of astrology, let me assure you that even if you don’t believe in it, you can at least give it a try. Who knows, maybe this action will save you from a future problem when you’re in a jam! Perhaps this brief investigation will save you from an Achilles’ heel.

When it comes to astrology, let me assure you that it is more than a hazy concept.

It involves studying celestial objects like the sun and moon, planets, their planetary motion, and a complex mixture.

Every one of these movement patterns provides a good indication of what the future will be like for astrologers. To analyse them, the motion of these heavenly objects through the astrological signs used.

India is brimming with the best astrologers who practise various forms of Hindu astrology. The majority of them have extensive knowledge of the subject. as well as Hindu scriptures, which allows them to provide accurate readings and predictions.

They also fix problems for individuals by providing advice and corrective measures that can assist them in overcoming difficult life situations.

There are many astrologers from all over the country who are experts in their field and highly regarded. The following are the top astrologers in Gurgaon.

Top Astrologer In Gurgaon 

Guru Vashist, Astrologer – Best Astrologer in Gurgaon

Guruji is a mechanical engineer by training. He worked as a production IM & quality engineer for them for five years. He dedicated himself to astrology and occult science after leaving their job. With the blessing of their Guru Ji “Shri Narayan Dutt Shrimali Ji”, making him a good astrologer and Jyotish Guru.

His knowledge of Astrology, Palmistry, Lal Kitab, Yoga meditation, Vastu, Mantra Sadhna, Occult science, and many other subjects unparalleled. Guruji is a well-known writer and editor. He is the editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine “Astrology for Good Life.”

He is the well-known author of numerous astrological and gemological books. On merit, I interviewed by Zee Zagran, Shardha, and other channels and aired on the national channel.

Gurudev GD Vashist also wrote the Lal Kitab Amrit Vashist Jyotish. He is well-known in India’s electronic media. Including leading TV channels such as India News, Divya TV, Sadhna TV, and Disha TV. Born in Punjab, India, he lost his sight at the age of 14 due to corneal damage in both eyes.

The doctors had given up hope and concluded that he would never regain his eye’s vision again. Nonetheless, Gurudev GD Vashist followed the Lal Kitab astrological remedies and miraculously restored his vision to normalcy. This incident sparked his belief, faith, value, and substance in the holy book, the Lal Kitab.

It later inspired him to become an astrologer, a Lal Kitab preacher, and to alleviate the sufferings of thousands of people. He had the opportunity and privilege of learning astrology under the guidance of five Gurus (noble Masters).

 And had in-depth knowledge of the Lal Kitab book laws and content. He then began researching the Vedas and other holy books, relating their astrological aspects to realistic, practical scientific logic.

Ms. Pooja Bhatia – Top Astrologer in Gurgaon

This well-known astrologer holds a gold medal from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. She has extensive knowledge of astrology and is an excellent tarot card reader. She is a life counsellor and trainer with over ten years of experience.

Pooja’s dedication to astrology and predictive/occult sciences has been widely acknowledged. She has received numerous prestigious awards, including:-Gold Medal in Astrology from renowned Astro Guru Sh. K. N Rao of Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan Mahesh Manjrekar.

 A Bollywood actor/director, received the Excellence in Tarot Award in November 2015 in Mumbai. Build India Award for Excellence in Astrology from Sh. Manoj Tiwari (MP) in February 2016. Excellence in Astrology Award from MCF Mayor of Haryana in June 2016, practical scientific logic.

Ms. Pooja Bhatia specialises in Vedic Astrology and Tarot Card Reading. She creates horoscopes for magazines. 

This renowned astrologer has been associated with top television channels. They has appeared on their shows on a regular basis, including Sadhana TV, India News, Ishwar Channel  etc. Her clientele includes athletes and television personalities. Her clients are also international.

Astro World – No 1 Astrologer in Gurgaon

Prama Chopra is a seasoned astrologer and vastu expert.

She grew up in the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi (also known as Benares), watching her father deal with ancient Vastu shastra, astrology, and astronomy, as well as religion and philosophy.

Prama, a Hindu scholar, holds a Master’s degree in Ancient Indian History, Culture, and Archaeology from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in Varanasi. At Women’s College, Banaras Hindu University awarded her a certificate of merit for attaining the highest marks in the university. She was also involved in research in the field of archaeology.

After discovering her astrological and vastu abilities, her family and friends began approaching her. It was all word of mouth, and people from all over the world began approaching her for assistance.

Recognizing the need and demand, Prama eventually made Jyotish her full-time profession and founded to ensure that this valuable knowledge of culture and heritage preserved.

She has completed numerous vastu assignments for factories, banks, offices, and corporations.

Prama enjoys writing and continues to research astrology and its impact on the financial market, as well as personal and professional life. Her articles have appeared in a variety of media outlets.

Shri N.K. Shandeley Ji – Best Astrologer in Gurugram

When it comes to love astrologer Shandeleyji, he is well-known throughout the Delhi NCR, including Gurgaon. He has a large number of followers who are well educated and hold top positions in their respective fields. 

Apart from India, followers from the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Russia, Japan, and other countries seek his advice. Shandeleyji is also known as Panditji. In terms of astrologer Shandeleyji, he has been performing miracles with your janam kundali in hand.

 He is an expert at predicting horoscopes and rashifals. When it comes to calculating through janampatri or janampatrika, his calculations considered biddable, flawless. However, Panditji has a large number of fans who are interested in love-related issues.

He is widely regarded as the best love astrologer in these matters. It is not only love, but also concerned affairs such as marriage, divorce, marital life relationships, or the issues associated with all of these that are thought to be best handled through Pasnditji’s preventive methods. 

There are many happy faces you will see today as a result of Shandeleyji’s efforts, including those who were previously concerned about intercaste marriages.

True vedic astrology is regarded as an asset of India; this is correct. However, credit must be given to geniuses such as Shandeleyji, whose genuine desire to solve the problems of millions of people on the planet is what keeps Indian astrology unique. 

In short, only Shandelyji can provide you with the ultimate bliss if you want to experience the magic of Indian authentic astrology.

 Shri Acharya Rishi – Good Astrologer in Gurgaon

Shri Acharya Rishi grew up in a traditional Brahmin family and developed a keen interest in astrology and related sciences. He learned astrology as a child from his father and guru.

 He went on to earn his Jyotish Acharya and a professional course in astrology from a reputable institute.

This gifted astrologer has extensive knowledge of astrology and specialises in Ganit, Muhurta, and Prashna Astrology. His readings and predictions are based on scientific methods. 

He offers his clients solutions and corrective measures for issues such as health, family, children, education, business, and career, among others. For the past twelve years, Shri Acharya Rishi has been practising Vedic Astrology. He is a Gurgaon resident who speaks Hindi fluently.

Dr. Priti Kapoor – Astrologer in Gurgaon

Dr. Priti Kapoor is a renowned astrologer who also specialises in numerology and alternative therapies. She has more than 20 years of experience guiding her clients through various life challenges.

She is a Certified Gem and Colour Therapist with extensive knowledge and research in the field.Many events were hampered or delayed, such as marriage, childbirth, educational success, professional achievements, and so on.

She spreads the belief that gemstones provide colour as well as minerals to the body, which aids in holistic healing.She approaches astrology with the goal of prevention rather than prediction.

She believes that a good astrologer is a guide who prepares and warns the client about the difficulties ahead and assists them in overcoming or reducing the difficulties with practical and rational remedies.

Her clients frequently return to her to thank her for preparing them to handle the situation she had forewarned them about.She recommends practical remedies such as Spiritual and Mantra Therapy and Rudraksh Therapy. 

She interacts patiently with her clients, explaining the logic and reason for performing a specific remedy so that they can do so with faith and belief.

Her matchmaking expertise has enabled couples to make informed choices about their life partners. Her clients have consistently praised her in-depth analysis of both the bride’s and groom’s birth charts in relation to each other.

She has appeared on a number of radio (FM) and television channels, including India TV, Zee TV, NDTV Good Times, Space TV, Shakti TV, and Star TV. She chooses high-quality programmes with which to interact and share her scientific viewpoints with her audience.

She believes in the Karma Theory, which states that “you reap what you sow.” Individuals create their own luck and shape their own fate through their own actions (karma).

 Ms.Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma, an astrologer, has assisted many clients in reaching their full potential through a combination of ancient Indian astrology and very simple Lal Kitab remedies. After meeting many other renowned astrologers, many followers visited Astrologer Pooja Sharma and were extremely satisfied with the results. 

A few of the testimonials received are only a small sample of her very happy and satisfied fan base, which is growing by the day. So far, astrologer Pooja Sharma’s success has been based on “word of mouth advertising.” 

Following the positive response from her astrology followers, she decided to benefit more and more people through her astrology practice, and thus launched this website.

Astrologer Pooja Sharma’s practice of Astrology, Vastu, and Numerology is a synthesis of all of these ancient Indian sciences to assist individuals in their personal and professional lives. Her easy-to-implement remedies boost the positive effects of these planets while counteracting negative energies.

Pooja Sharma is a qualified MBA, but her interest in ancient Indian practises such as astrology, Vastu, and numerology drew her completely into this profession, and she has now been practising astrology for about 12 years.

 Her fan base is constantly growing and is not limited to Indians; many foreigners and NRIs have expressed interest in and consulted her over the years.

In addition to individuals, astrologer Pooja Sharma has been consulted by some corporates for Vastu consultancy for their senior executives.

We appreciate your interest in astrology, an ancient Indian science, by visiting this website. If you need to speak with her personally, please fill out the contact form or call her.


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