Best MBA Universities in Chandigarh

MBA is an abbreviation for Master of Business Administration. It is one of the few postgraduate degree programmes that guarantees a rewarding and prosperous career. Reputable MBA colleges in Chandigarh that provide advanced education in almost all acclaimed fields. These colleges promise a rewarding career to all aspirants with a faculty of highly qualified professors and best-in-class infrastructure.

There are new global opportunities for career advancement. MBA job opportunities include multinational corporations, industrial houses, business consultancies, banks, and many more.

Do you want to get an MBA from one of the best MBA colleges in Chandigarh? If you are looking for MBA admission opportunities, you can find the top Mba colleges in chandigarh.

A graduate of an MBA programme is generally expected to be appointed to a managerial position in the department for which he or she is hired. Enrol right away! 

Best MBA Universities in Chandigarh:


For four decades, University Business School (formerly Department of Commerce and Business Management) has provided quality management education to develop dedicated, innovative, and effective managers, researchers, and teachers.

To put the mission into action, the school employs rigorous multifaceted pedagogy and an effective interface with industry. It provides opportunities for its students to improve their understanding of the economic, social, and political environments, broaden their horizons, and develop their ability to conceptualise, decide, and communicate.

The UBS faculty has received international recognition in industry and academia for their training in India and abroad. The school’s graduates have made a name for themselves in the business world.

UBS has consistently ranked among India’s top business schools. A number of top business associates from India’s top companies come to the college to participate in the placement process.

Through consultancy assignments, management development programmes, and industry-focused research and case studies, the faculty interacts with industry. A large number of top executives from the industry in and around Chandigarh attend regular classes at the school, which contributes to the teaching-learning process. Management luminaries are also invited to give special lectures.

The school is well-equipped with modern teaching methods and teaching aids. The course work is rigorous. The student’s performance is continuously evaluated through class participation, written assignments, class tests, and mid-semester and end-of-semester examinations.

UBS has an efficient placement cell. The students are the driving force behind this thriving cell.


Aryans Group of Colleges is nationally recognised in distinct areas of education and research, driven by a professional and technological goal, and founded on an innovation and excellence culture. The institute is dedicated to serving as a valuable resource for industry and society by preparing students for innovative and successful careers in today’s global society. 

Aryans Group of Colleges undertakes projects that provide opportunities for students to innovate. The college provides a sustainable and accessible environment in which we support and encourage our students to pursue various opportunities in accordance with the principles of inclusiveness, integrity, innovation, creativity, and quality. The college provides excellent educational opportunities and services to diverse communities by leveraging resources, collegiality, and public support.

Our mission is to generate new knowledge through cutting-edge research and to revolutionise students’ imagination, perception, and thinking processes by providing cutting-edge undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We strive to provide education that liberates learners and teachers from ignorance, superstitions, and social evils, and redirects their energy in positive and productive directions. 

They aim to maximise students’ potential by transforming them into intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders in their fields. Students will improve their critical thinking, information competency, communication skills, ethical reasoning, cultural, social, environmental, and personal awareness and responsibility as they pursue individual educational goals.


Chitkara Educational Trust established its Punjab campus on the Chandigarh-Patiala National Highway, 30 kilometres from Chandigarh. The Punjab State Legislature established Chitkara University in 2010 under the “Chitkara University Act.”

Chitkara University, Punjab’s best university, is a government-recognized university with the authority to confer degrees under Sections 2(f) and 22(1) of the UGC Act of 1956.

The University’s sprawling campus is equidistant from Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Ambala, and Patiala. The University provides multidisciplinary programmes that are all industry-relevant. Chitkara University is regarded as one of the best private universities in the North India region as a result of its student-centred approach.

The commitment to educational excellence is at the heart of the University’s philosophical foundation. The University’s strong academic heritage, as well as its firmness on matters of principle, has seen it grow from strength to strength in such a short period of time.

To be a globally recognised organisation that promotes academic excellence through interdisciplinary applied research and innovates to expand realms of knowledge.

Chitkara University’s learning environment is a one-of-a-kind combination of distinguished faculty, brilliant and intellectual students, and proactive collaboration with industry. Our charter is followed by all stakeholders at Chitkara University.


Many national rating services rank Chandigarh University, Punjab, highly in terms of educational quality, research activity, affordability, and athletic excellence. These rankings honour not only CU as a whole, but also our numerous prestigious schools and departments. Chandigarh University, Punjab is honoured to have been recognised for educational excellence by the organisations and publications listed below.

Chandigarh University provides a one-of-a-kind and inspiring academic model that is designed to meet international standards. A diverse range of programmes is combined with flexibility, experiential learning, and an interdisciplinary focus.

CU conducts world-class research and has achieved outstanding results in the current research excellence framework.

The University has a vibrant academic fraternity of students from top universities both nationally and internationally. CU has the most favourable student-faculty ratio of 14:1, resulting in 85 percent student satisfaction. Through partnerships with 400+ top-ranked universities worldwide, Chandigarh University provides students with a global perspective and international learning opportunities.

Our students come from all 28 Indian states, 8 Union Territories, and 40 Nations, with over 65 percent from other states and countries.

As a result, CU has a cosmopolitan, welcoming, and inclusive atmosphere.

CU, as a student-centered institution, provides optimal learning experiences and services that lead to student success. We encourage our students to take charge of their academic work, social lives, and career development.


Because of its high academic standards and well-established research and development area, the institution has risen to prominence in the region and the country. Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dentistry, Management, Hospitality, Agriculture, Nursing, and Law are all excellent programmes at the university. 

The university provides a flexible learning system based on choice, allowing learners to learn at their own pace and select electives from other available courses, as well as take some additional/value-added courses to increase their skills/employability. Furthermore, the university offers a number of courses that serve as a bridge and preparation tool for graduate studies.

To be a leader in the field of transformative education and advanced learning, where we can generate world-class value-specific, competent, and intellectual human capital and empower students to pursue diverse academic and professional interests.

The university shall provide an advanced, adequate, and ample opportunity platform with accessible and affordable learning centres for every aspirant learner to gain practical and hands-on experience in order to compete in the global market while maintaining his/her cultural roots and values.

The emphasis remains on providing and raising standards, education quality, and enriching learning experiences.

To reach a large number of students with skill-based and professional courses, Employability quotient, hands-on learning with industry-vetted curriculum.

As a result, the university becomes an instrumental and powerful channel for being a national and international voice of innovation, taking the lead in putting India on the global map.


The Institute of Technology and Future Trends (ITFT) in Chandigarh is one of the few institutes in the country that provides a variety of technical and vocational courses to qualified and interested students. This institute, founded by retired military personnel, represents national integration. It was founded on April 24, 1994, in Chandigarh.

It provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of fields. It specialises in education in a variety of fields and disciplines, including tourism, aviation, hospitality, media, and management. Admissions are granted based on the results of the counselling process.

TFT provides you with the opportunity to Earn while Learning. Work part-time for one of the well-known brands while also pursuing a regular university degree programme. This not only covers your personal expenses, but it also prepares you for a larger role after you graduate from university.

The Institute is UGC-approved and affiliated with IKG Punjab Technical University in Jalandhar. The Institute’s goal is to reach students from tribal, economically, and socially disadvantaged backgrounds in both urban and rural areas of the state, provide them with high-quality education, and assist them in establishing a successful career.

ITFT has successfully placed over 35000 students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses with the country’s most prestigious brands. ITFT’s training and placement teams work all year to bring the best companies to campus for campus placement.


NRIs from the United States, Australia, and Canada are promoting Vidhya Jyoti Eduversity. The Promoters are highly qualified and successful in their respective fields. VJES began in 2003 as the Hotel & Catering Management Institute (HCMI) and became a non-profit society in 2006 to promote education with an international perspective and to provide quality education at an affordable cost. Today, over 8000 VJES alumni live all over the world.

Their mission is to excel in education by cultivating an environment that fosters a sense of service ethics. We aim to develop professional competencies through technical skills, R&D, and other societal stakeholders for the benefit of our students, faculty, and other stakeholders.

To be a premier institute providing education, training, skills, placements, research, consulting, and assessment services to individuals and corporations at an affordable cost in order to promote the holistic development of society and the country.

Faculty members are mentors and facilitators who provide an invaluable link to knowledge and professional expertise. Faculty members represent a diverse range of countries and cultures. They represent a diverse range of academic disciplines and work practises. Students can benefit from the faculty’s unique insight and experience through case studies and term projects. Students should take advantage of the opportunity to work on a research project or write an article with their professor to further immerse themselves in cutting-edge ideas and gain additional skills for their future career.


When it comes to business, the most important degree is the MBA (Master of Business Management), and Chandigarh has a large number of universities and colleges offering MBA programmes with a variety of specialisations. Most colleges have started the MBA course in their premises to cater to the growing number of MBA aspirants. Marketing, finance, human resources, and other MBA fields are all available at Chandigarh-based colleges.