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Best SEO Tools To Boost Rankings of Your Sites

Anything that offered for free always appeals to people. Free must be amazing, right? However, it is better if that “free” thing gives you more rankings visitors, cash, ranking, reputation, riches, etc.

Speaking of traffic, did you know that Search Engine Land estimates the value of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sector at $65 billion? Indeed, neither did I. We are all aware that learning the essential skill of SEO optimization can be challenging, especially if you are just starting out. When SEO first started, many people thought it was just a fad. But that moment is no longer there.

Best SEO Tools To Boost Rankings of Your Sites

The greatest online SEO tools are now very simple to uncover because we have gathered them all on this list. The sheer number of free tools available in the SEO industry may astound you.

Today’s non-techie modern entrepreneur knows the significance of online and search engine traffic since SEO is so important. Although the list may seem lengthy, you required to try each tool at once. Find out which one best suits the requirements of your store or website by testing each one separately.

It’s crucial to be aware of how quickly you may anticipate seeing benefits from your SEO efforts before we get into our selection of the top SEO tools.

SEO is challenging. You must be familiar with search engines and the formulas they employ to rank websites, as well as keep up with any regular adjustments to these formulas.

With SEO, there are a lot of moving pieces. Get backlinks from authoritative websites; develop content that optimized for your target keywords; and check that the architecture of your site promotes a positive user experience.

Best SEO Tools To Boost Rankings of Your Sites

Google Analytics (Rankings) – Free Tool

Google Analytics is frequently referred to by SEO specialists as the online SEO tool that is to an online marketer what air is to a person. Without it, they truly can’t function. So, if you’re not already using Google Analytics, I urge you to start doing so as soon as possible.

Almost no other data source offers information of as high quality and detail as Google Analytics does. Furthermore, it is crucial since we must work with it because our day is one in which Google dominates.

The best feature of this web tool is that, despite your best efforts, you cannot ignore Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is used to track website usage statistics like average session length, pages per session, and bounce rates, as well as details about the traffic source. It is compatible with Google Ads, which enables users to build and assess online campaigns by monitoring the effectiveness of landing pages and conversion rates (goals).

Goals could be to increase revenue, generate leads, read a certain page, or download certain content. For the casual user, Google Analytics shows high-level, dashboard-type statistics and more detailed statistics further down in the report set.

With tools like funnel visualization, where visitors came from (referrers), how long they spent on the website, and their location, Google Analytics analysis helps find sites that aren’t doing well. Additionally, it offers more sophisticated features like personalized visitor segmentation.

Google Keyword Planner – Free Tool

One of the best and most popular SEO tools available online is the Google Keyword Planner. It is a crucial component of the Google Adwords marketing system. It enables users to investigate and assess keyword lists and their search volume. 

Get in front of clients who are looking for businesses like yours on Google Maps and Search. Pay only for results, such as phone calls or website clicks to your business.

To find things to do, places to go, and items to purchase, people use Google.When someone searches for goods or services similar to yours, your ad may show up on Google. People can become valuable consumers with a well-timed advertisement, whether they are on desktop or mobile.

Finding long-tail and related keywords is made easier with the aid of KeywordTool. To provide easy access to common search terms, it uses Google’s autocomplete capability. From Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, the Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter, it scrapes keyword suggestion ideas.

Google Search Console – Free Tool

You can easily check the keyword searches that direct visitors to your website by going to Search Traffic > Search Queries in Google Search Console. You can also check the quantity of impressions, clicks, and CTR you are receiving for each term alongside this. One of the few SEO tools available online that is accessible to everybody with a website is this one.

You may track and report on your website’s presence in Google SERPs using Google Search Console (Search Engine Result Page). The old name is a little off-putting because it contains the word “webmaster.” This is so that more people than just webmasters can use this internet SEO tool. Essentially, it is for SEOs.

This tool allows you to view your average position for keywords as a result. You must add some code to your website in order to verify it. Or you may just submit your sitemap for indexing by using Google Analytics. You don’t require a Search Console account in order to show up in Google’s search results. With the use of this account, you can quickly manage what is indexed and how your website is shown.

As an SEO checker tool, Google Search Console may help you understand how Google and its users see your website and allow you to optimize it for better performance in Google search results because those two concepts are at the very heart of what it does.

The main feature of this SEO tool is that you may get some of Google Search Console’s most valuable data by simply looking at the dashboard. Therefore, all the SEOs and marketers need to do is regularly check the dashboard.

Semrush – Paid Tool

One of those web-based SEO tools that has a reputation for being popular among SEO professionals is SEMRush. It is an online SEO tool created specifically to examine a domain’s ranking in Google searches.

SEO specialists adore the fact that you can quickly evaluate your rankings, the modifications made to them, and the new ranking prospects that have emerged thanks to this tool.

The most successful marketers genuinely love what they do. While we take care of the data, Semrush makes sure that marketing professionals always have time for experimentation and creativity.

Semrush is the only piece of software that enables marketing experts to create, oversee, and track campaigns across all channels to increase their online presence. Semrush is a member of your digital team who serves as your analytics partner, mentor, safety net, and guide to new markets.

With SEMRush, you can see the rankings of the keywords and more relevant keywords that may one day serve as traffic generators. The Domain vs. Domain analysis is one of this online SEO tool’s most utilised and well-liked capabilities.

With the help of this special function, you can quickly assess how your website performs in comparison to that of your rivals and receive suggestions on how to make it better.

Ubersuggest – Paid Tool

Online SEO tool Ubersuggest was created by Neil Patel. It is essentially a keyword finding tool that shows the top-ranking SERPs for keywords so you can identify them as well as the search intent behind them. As a result, it is a complete SEO tool. It is made expressly to assist you in winning the SEO game.

With millions of ideas from this excellent and absolutely free keyword research tool, Ubersuggest enables you to locate the ideal terms that you may employ on your website, whether they are short or long-tail phrases.

As previously stated, understanding what you are doing, what your competitors are doing, and how you can modify your strategy to capitalize on any gaps in the market is a critical component of SEO success.

Ubersuggest offers the parameters of keyword volume, competition, CPC, and seasonal trends in their report. Although all of this might sound excessive, it really isn’t much. According to SEO experts, Ubersuggest is easy to start using. Additionally, they claim that it is excellent for both paid and organic SEO.

Woorank – Paid Tool

Leading SEO analysis tool Woorank provides both free and paid options. You can keep track of your marketing data and create a report using it. Website publishers and marketers can use it specifically to examine their websites’ SEO friendliness and other features. This specific feature can be used free of charge.

Plugging in your competition to see the precise terms they are targeting is one of the fun things you can do with this web tool. This might serve as an inspiration for you so that your goals coincide with theirs.

Woorank typically does an automated evaluation of websites based on 50 parameters. Additionally, it offers beneficial SEO and other advice. To truly understand the market you work in and effectively optimize it for your visitors, you might attempt reporting on how keywords perform over time.

Moz: Seo Software – Paid Tool

One of the top online SEO tools that SEO professionals actually use is Moz, which keeps coming up in lists of the best tools available. If you give SEO some serious thought, you will realise that having the appropriate knowledge is crucial.

With the help of the SEO software Moz, you can quickly and easily find the right kind of information. Whatever feature you require, such as keyword suggestions or a site crawl, SEO Software Moz is a one-stop shop.

It contains a button that is located exactly where the work is being done: in your browser’s toolbar.

You can get valuable information about how your website is doing and ranking, as well as suggestions for how to make it better. You only need to click the MozBar. Following that, you may immediately produce a thorough report about the website you are browsing.

According to SEO experts, without a tool like Moz, SEO may really turn into a guessing game for beginners. They won’t be aware of their strengths or areas in which they could use some development.

Although the free version of the MozBar is wonderful, subscribers have access to its full potential. I can assure you that the service you will get will be priceless.


If you are serious about learning and using SEO, you may need to set aside some money at some point to purchase the necessary equipment. But if you’re on a tight budget, it’s totally OK.

This is due to the fact that the majority of these programmes offer free trials or features that you can use to test them out. But in the long term, if you want to perform extensive SEO work, you might need a paid subscription to an online SEO tool.

Most of the time, these SEO checker tools serve as your mentors. They expose your mistakes and point out your weaknesses.