LED Light Manufacturers in Delhi NCR

LEDs are already widely used in India’s lighting industry. Its fast concentration in the Indian market is mostly due to rising urbanization rates, rising benefit awareness, and government initiatives. In contrast to conventional light sources, LEDs offer an energy-efficient solution. Currently, LED is not only used in lighting applications; it is also used in agricultural, medical, and smart city applications.

LED Light Manufacturers in Delhi 

The LEDs are robust lighting options that have incredibly strong components and can withstand even the most extreme conditions. Due to their high level of shock resistance to external shocks, they are currently being proposed to replace the conventional street lighting system in Delhi and throughout the entire nation. They can easily survive adverse weather conditions, exposure to the public from traffic, and other forms of exterior vandalism.

With the development of the Internet of Things, LED is now becoming a linked LED with sensors. Here are Delhi’s top  LED manufacturing companies:

Top  LED manufacturing companies

AccoLED – Top LED Manufacturers

AccoLED is one of the Indians that Manufactured their own Indian products. Committing to transforming your home into a European Look. Where all their products are inspired on the basis of Three Parameters:

Quality- Ensuring world-class quality guarantees you a long-term relationship with AccoLED, which perfectly blends with your house. 

Durability- Diversity in your home lighting according to your occasion and season, quick switch into various looks, and Handy to install. 

Design- Bringing such designs perfectly fits with your interior without any hustle. They design considering Indian households. Committing to delivering the best. 

Established in 2015, A commendable range of Luxury Concealed lights, LED Bulbs, Down Panels, and Street Lights.

The AccoLED is the most renowned and honourable delivering the best at genuine prices and safe packaging materials.  

▶ Premium Quality Products

▶ Well-functional infrastructural base

▶ Customer Centric Approach

▶ Prompt Delivery

Key Operation & Electrocomponents Pvt Ltd

LEDs are already a professional company, they are more enthusiastic about marketing and setting up the most recent component that is available to our consumers as soon as possible. 

The application engineering teams work to create creative solutions to deliver rapid and effective solutions while staying within their budget, and they have a dedicated professional sales and marketing engineer team to showcase our most cutting-edge electronic parts.

When you conduct business with us, we understand that you anticipate high-quality goods and services that meet or exceed your expectations.

They put a lot of effort into gaining your respect and trust by consistently providing the finest quality. Where necessary, we do the QC/QA of products prior to shipment using sophisticated process control procedures. Quality is never compromised and is always given first attention.

We are a premium provider of LEDs with a long history in the LED distribution industry, and they are the fastest-growing semiconductor distribution company. 

They are now evolving to become our customers’ one-stop shop for all of their electronic solution needs, including electronic components, design services, developing solutions, and supply chain management.

Cell Life Technologies

Since our establishment in 2006, “Cell Life Technologies” has earned a reputation as one of the most prestigious companies. For distributing, manufacturing, supplying, trading, and providing a wide range of faultless concealed lights. And also Deep Junction lights. And also Street lights, SMPs, Flood lights, Downlight Adapters, Chargers, Mobile Hands free, LED Drivers, ED Bulb Drivers. Also included LED Tubelight Drivers and a Micro Soldering Iron.

Utilizing premium-quality raw materials and additional items that we get from the most reputable suppliers in the market and have them quality-checked before use, we make these mobile accessories and other products.

They are a customer-focused business that offers these mobile accessories and other products to customers in accordance with their provided information in order to meet their various needs. They have installed contemporary equipment in our infrastructure, allowing experts to easily complete the production of these mobile accessories and other products.

Along with this, they make these mobile accessories and other items while keeping in mind the clearly established quality standards of the industry to ensure their high standards. These mobile accessories and other products examined by our professionals before being dispatched to guarantee their optimal performance, shock-proof construction, longer lifespan, and reduced maintenance.

Decon Lighting Private Limited

They celebrated their silver anniversary milestone and established themselves as a pioneer in India’s lighting solutions industry! 

The lighting of India’s Parliament House Library has been finished. It started with the development of LED lighting systems and fixtures. 

It established a second display facility in Chandigarh, India’s Sector-17.

INTACH designed and provided the lighting for Aayi Mandapam in Pondicherry, our first monument in South India. They completed using INTACH and the “Copenhagen Lamp” to illuminate Tranquebar’s seafront, a former Danish town in Tamil Nadu.

Lighting created and provided for Delhi University’s Sirifort Auditorium and Old Vice Regal Lodge. Customized lighting provided for the Prime Minister’s Residence at New Delhi’s Race Course Road. Agartala, Tripura’s enormous Ujjayanta Palace, illuminated. 

The first location for our unique remote-controlled LED hospital lights was Holy Family Hospital in New Delhi. supplied the now-famous “Copenhagen Lamp” street lights to illuminate a park in Sweden. They partnered with “Amazon Prime India,” our first online merchant.

At the Drishyakala Art Museum in Red Fort, New Delhi, we finished our first design and supply project using our Art Lighting Hero “LED Track Spot with Framing Projector.”

Lighting created and provided for Delhi University’s Sirifort Auditorium and Old Vice Regal Lodge. They provided unique lighting for the Prime Minister’s residence in New Delhi’s Race Course Road. In Agartala, Tripura, is the expansive Ujjayanta Palace. They provided street lights, including the now-famous “Copenhagen Lamp,” to illuminate a park in Sweden.

They teamed up with Amazon Prime India, our first online merchant. They finished our first design and supply job at the Drishyakala Art Museum in Red Fort, New Delhi, using our Art Lighting Hero “LED Track Spot with Framing Projector.”

 Olive LED Lights 

We manufacture and export a wide variety of LED lights together with accessories, backed by years of market experience. These products, which produced in accordance with international standards, are widely regarded for their energy efficiency and faultless performance. Customers can acquire these at the best prices on the market despite their high demand.

Olive Exports Private Limited is a well-known brand for LED lighting and consumer goods. Since 1994, we have been meeting the lighting demands of clients and providing excellence across a range of industries, government and non-government organizations, in both Indian and international markets, via the fusion of empowered technology and collaboration. 

They are a reputable manufacturer and exporter with offices in Gurgaon, Haryana, and Delhi. Our products, which include LED lighting and consumer products, are innovative, high-quality, and reasonably priced. We serve the needs of any industry where energy-efficient street lights and other conventional lights are in high demand.

i-Smart LED lights

Nowadays, electricity is a necessary component of daily life. When light needed, we only had to press one button to turn on the bulb. We offer a variety of LED lights; fancy LED tube lights, decorative LED bulbs, etc. to provide the ideal lighting solution. I Smart Lighting is a well-known producer, trader, and supplier of several kinds of LED lights.

The supplied variety is well-liked for its excellent illumination, simple installation, and lovely designs. These LEDs, which come in warm, daylight, and warm white illumination hues, offer the best brightness for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our valued customers can get LEDs from us at cheap prices in a variety of designs and power ranges ranging from 0.1 watts to 15 watts.

Along with manufacturing, they also trade a variety of LEDs. A substantial vendor base required for the transaction. These suppliers chosen based on the caliber of their goods, their business practices, their pricing, and their infrastructure for manufacture. Following extensive research, we have now located the ideal company and are buying the products from them.


These are long-established Indian brands when it comes to lighting. Additionally, they have begun producing LED lights. It produces affordable and regal series.

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