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Top Commercial Real Estate Investment Companies in India

As a result of rising urbanization and industrialisation, more and more real estate firms are getting into the commercial real estate market. As a result, a growing number of investors are using fractional ownership to engage in commercial real estate in India. 

Additionally, you can find and invest in real estate without going to the market. Online crowdfunding for commercial real estate is possible on several sites. Let’s examine the best NRI commercial real estate investment firms in India.

To make it easy for non-resident Indians to invest in Grade-A commercial properties in India. They has partnerships with numerous top commercial real estate firms. 

NRIs can schedule a call right away if they want to begin investing in commercial real estate properties . Or increase their portfolio by making investments in India.

The days of searching the market for a house on your own and making an investment are long gone. Real estate has to advance because times have changed and the business has witnessed a change in investing trends like crowdfunding on online platforms. 

Real estate websites have gotten a lot of attention as a result of the movement in trends toward digitization, which makes the investing process simple.

Some Companies that offer Commercial Real Estate Investment Services in India

Strataprop (Real Estate)

One of India’s top-performing online commercial real estate investing firms is Strataprop. The Mumbai Indians, a five-time IPL champion, have Strata as their official real estate investment partner.

 By purchasing a fractional interest in commercial properties, it aids investors in building wealth. A commercial real estate investment firm called Strata assists investors in building wealth by helping them purchase fractional ownership interests in commercial real estate properties.

It makes it possible to invest in Grade-A homes for as little as Rs. 25 lakh. KT Offices includes warehouses, offices, industrial assets, and KT Offices in its list of reliable commercial properties.

It enables investors to profit by holding a portion of multimillion-dollar homes that leased to renowned businesses.

The rental yields of the properties in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu between 8 and 10 percent, with a targeted IRR for varied assets of between 16 and 18 percent over a five-year period. 

You can sell the fractions to interested private parties or resell them as needed in their marketplace.


A website called Assetmonk connects value investors with high-potential real estate properties. Only assets that have been thoroughly reviewed and subjected to due diligence added to our list of assets. 

By providing investor-friendly bargains and specialized product solutions, Assetmonk enables clients to diversify their portfolios. 

Assetmonk is a distinctive real estate investment marketplace thanks to its transparent structure, digital security, and secure transaction process. We offer goods divided into the growth, growth plus, and yield categories, depending on the investment goal.

The platform offers you popular investment choices, including condos and suites, which have lately been popular in India. Assetmonk offers fractional ownership of assets, allowing investors to buy minor stakes in larger properties.

Investment prospects can divided into three categories: growth, growth plus, and yield. Growth has a low entry barrier, great growth potential, and an IRR of up to 21% for long-term investors. Growth Plus designed for short-term investors and offers an IRR of up to 16-19% through fractional ownership.

For long-term investors who aim to create periodic rental returns with an IRR of up to 15%–18%, yield is the third type of investment strategy.

Assetmonk aims to satisfy the needs and objectives of each client with its assortment of investment programmes.


The most seasoned and prominent fractional ownership platform in the nation, hBits operates at the nexus of real estate and technology. The goal of democratizing real estate access was our starting point in 2019. In the past, only hyper-HNIs and institutions had access to real estate.

 By making this profitable asset class accessible to regular investors, we hope to establish real estate as a worldwide market.

In less than a year, h-Bits has transacted for Rs. 15 crores on premium commercial real estate in Mumbai.

Within commercial structures and information technology parks, the commercial properties are A-grade assets. With just a Rs. 10 lakh investment, you may acquire a piece of the real estate owned by the digital giant.

The expected rental yields and prospective appreciation for the assets between 12 and 20 percent, which is a lucrative and competitive amount given the market’s circumstances.

Magic Bricks

Magic Bricks, which established in 2006, is India’s top online real estate marketplace for buying, renting, and selling residential and commercial properties. India’s preferred real estate portal, according to multiple independent studies.

The organization lists a wide variety of property opportunities under commercial real estate, including office space, co-working spaces, stores, showrooms, and warehouses, to name a few.

Magic Bricks offers commercial property agency services with more than 5,000 agents and more than 1 lakh office spaces and 60,000 shops or showrooms. It lists homes in several Indian cities for as little as Rs. 5 lakhs as a down payment.

On this website, users can purchase, sell, rent, or publish an advertisement for their properties. Using the Magic Bricks technology, tenants may pay their rent, and end users can negotiate fair rents using Magic Bricks.

Additionally, they provide users with services relating to real estate, such as pest treatment, sanitization, and home cleaning. Magic Bricks establishes a reputation by thoroughly inspecting properties and verifying tenants.


The days of conducting real estate transactions based on “mouth-to-mouth publicity” or close-by dealers are long gone. The real estate sector has been driven to enter the online world by globalization and a fast-paced lifestyle.

 Active real estate participants are now avidly looking for the best possibilities to establish themselves in the E-Real Estate World. RealestateIndia.Com offers a solution to all the issues that affect those who deal with real estate or those who are looking for homes. 

RealestateIndia, one of the top property portals, tuned into the real estate market.

Due to its distinctive characteristics, has been respected in the online business. The well-designed Real Estate India property portal makes it possible to quench your thirst for information on real estate, housing, and property in India.

The organization offers comprehensive real estate services, including home inspection, interior design, and vastu consultants. Since its launch in 1997, this website has expanded its dominion to encompass all the Indian states. is a one-stop shop for purchasing, selling, and leasing real estate, with commercial real estate transactions taking place in over 50 major cities.

The ticket sizes range from as little as Rs. 5 lakh to as much as Rs. 100 crore. Among the commercial properties are stores, shopping centers, office buildings, and hotels.

The trending investments, like office buildings and warehouses, are also on their list, giving investors more options. More than 1,000,000 visitors visit it daily because of RealestateIndia’s extensive reach throughout the nation.


A committed team of software specialists developed, tested, and maintains, a real estate-based web platform. The service was created to meet the rapidly evolving needs of Indian owners, customers, dealers, promoters, and builders.

By offering you this service with a few special and useful features, PropertyWala seeks to suit your individual criteria for properties or the possible clients for your property.

By publishing even the smallest details via a variety of images, sketches, map views, and videos to simulate an actual site visit from the comfort of your home or office, it is incredibly easy to advertise your property or projects on our website.

The website acts as a conduit between seller and buyer by offering a venue for service promotion. The platform provides a wide range of services, from residential homes to commercial properties, and has over 3 lakh authentic properties listed on its website. 

Additionally, the website provides channel partner services that assist you in locating the best in more than 400 Indian cities.

Almost every kind of property is offered on the internet. The website lists both conventional commercial assets like stores and showrooms as well as ongoing investment trends like offices, buildings with multiple uses, and warehouses.

The intriguing aspect is working together with the leading banks in the nation to offer the finest quotes for home loans, assisting them in securing the greatest offers on the market.


Currently, takes pride in having about nine lakh property listings spread throughout 600+ Indian cities. At the end of the fiscal year 2018–19, the website had more than 5.7 lakh paid listings in total. gives clients advertising opportunities including microsites, banners, home page links, and project pages for improved visibility and branding in the market . In addition to giving real estate developers, brokers, and owners an internet platform to list their property for sale, buy, or rent.

A website called 99acres was established in 2005 to list properties for lease, purchase, and sale. The website has expanded into a massive, well-respected marketplace with over nine lakh property listings spread across 600 cities.

Offices, retail establishments, warehouses, factories, and cold storage facilities are among the commercial properties included, with investments ranging from 5 lakhs to several hundred crores. This platform has received honors, including the 2019 PropTech Mobile App Award and many others.


These are a few of the websites that provide top-notch and reliable commercial real estate investment services. These websites assist beginners in finding the greatest offers available.

You can absolutely browse the websites for the right advice whether you want to build up your portfolio or start from scratch.