Top Food Delivery App Startups in India

Nowadays, what can’t a smartphone do? Technology has made it possible for us to book anything from a train ticket to your favorite dress to a doctor’s appointment while sitting at home and with the click of a phone. Food delivery is the on-demand service that is expanding the fastest, with some major providers receiving more than a million orders per day.

By 2022, the online food market in India projected to reach $8 billion, expanding at a CAGR of 25–30%. In the past few years, the food technology sector has increased by nearly six times.

For Indian startups, food technology is the craze right now. Contrary to common belief, however, the innovation in the culinary experience offered to the consumer. Using actual food technology is what matters. 

The focus is on cutting-edge food technical processes that are used to produce novel food items and experiences for the consumer, not on flashy smartphone technology and apps.

With a variety of options, free home delivery, and other features, meal delivery apps make eating at your preferred hotel convenient. Mobile apps have become our go-to resources for everything from bill payment. For home-based grocery ordering, greatly simplifying our lives.

Apps for on-demand food delivery are practical and simple to use, and they provide enticing savings and quick delivery.

The greatest potential exists here, and innovation has the power to completely reshape this sector. Companies that can possibly come up with ways to make traditional foods in novels. And unconventional ways are sure to succeed.

Let’s take a look at some of the successful Indian food technology firms that are not just winning business, but also playing it.

Top Food Delivery App Startups in India

Zomato (Food Delivery)

Zomato is a food delivery app and a directory of Indian restaurants. With the acquisition of Ubereats’ Indian business, Zomato has unquestionably emerged as the biggest food juggernaut. 

In addition to meal delivery, it offers details about a restaurant, a menu, and customer reviews. The two things the app monitors are hygiene and quality. Zomato has also shifted into grocery deliveries during the COVID blackout.

They offer our restaurant partners sector-specific marketing tools that help them attract and retain customers as they expand their business. All while offering a dependable and effective last-mile delivery service. 

Additionally, they run a one-stop procurement service called Hyperpure that provides premium kitchenware and foodstuffs to our restaurant partners. They also provide open and flexible pay options to our delivery partners.

Due to its innovative strategy, it has expanded significantly over the years, breaking even in numerous significant regions. Including India, and is predicted to reach profitability by mid-2016. If it truly lives up to its promise, Zomato will be the first food technology business in India to achieve profitability.

Their marketing and customer acquisition expenditures are extremely minimal, and the majority of their income comes from advertising.


Swiggy wants to dominate the hyperlocal market in India. With a multitude of service offerings, it intends to be the network’s most accessible platform, redefining what convenience means in the nation.

One of the app’s other highlights is live order tracking. Furthermore, Swiggy is accessible in virtually all Indian cities. Every user is paying attention to the deals and discounts.

Former BITS-Pilani students Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini, an IIT-Kharagpur alumnus, formed Twiggy, which has its headquarters in Bangalore. They want to alter the way people eat in India and dominate user recollection.

One of the greatest applications for food delivery in India is Swiggy. Who doesn’t desire boiling hot meals? The quick delivery of food is what everyone notices. 

With more than 9000 restaurants operating under their wings and having their own delivery staff, they are operational in eight Indian cities. The customer receives timely deliveries and free real-time order tracking for orders placed using their smartphone.

 Swiggy does not have a minimum order requirement and accepts online payments from all of the restaurants with which they have partnerships.

Food Panda

In addition to processing and sending orders to affiliated restaurants, Foodpanda also hires riders to deliver meals to clients. The service is accessible through its websites and mobile applications.

Customers can find nearby eateries that deliver food using Foodpanda. Customers can look through the menus of the nearby restaurants, place food orders. And pay after entering a delivery address. Customers’ orders are confirmed via SMS, and the expected delivery window is also included.

Customers can leave reviews on Foodpanda’s restaurant pages, where they can discuss the ordering process, taste, and overall opinion of the networked eateries.

The father of all fathers! It is the most well-known FoodTech startup in India. With over 2000 food vendors, including important partners like Wendy’s, Burger King, Subway, Biryani Blues, and Southey, to name a few, they have a significant national reach.

Their menu offers a wide variety of regional and international cuisines. They use patented technology and an effective operating procedure to follow food delivery orders to consumers’ doors. 

Due to their recently introduced “Express Guarantee” service, they also frequently provide discounts of 30% to 50% and prompt service.


Over 15 important Indian cities are home to Faasos. Faasos, a franchise with a physical location that launched online, has a professional kitchen on-site. Due to their own effective logistics crew, customers have the flexible choice of eating in or having food delivered to them. 

In addition to their own app, they also have a significant social media following.

They offer a diverse daily changing menu that includes mouthwatering wraps and rolls, biryani, paranthas, and other delightful dishes. 

Forbes, The Economic Times, and The Hindu all suggest them. Through the Faasos Elite programme, they reward their devoted consumers.

It runs all three “food on demand” business stages—ordering, distribution, and order fulfillment—and is the only vertically integrated food company in India.

 Faasos makes it easier for customers to eat well by offering a wide variety of restaurants. If the order is not delivered within 30 minutes, Faasos’ premium edition guarantees you free food.


One of the first platforms for online food delivery was developed by Grubhub. The advantages of this innovation have gone beyond our initial expectations, and we will continue to innovate due to our entrepreneurial spirit and legacy.

Our platform has helped independent restaurants connect to and benefit from the digital economy since the beginning, allowing them to update their operations and increase their clientele. 

We made dining options more accessible to customers, whether they were at home or at work, and restaurant owners were thrilled. As a result, we established new jobs to fulfill diners’ hunger for food.

They support restaurants in expanding their operations and attempting novel ideas. We give drivers flexible employment options so they can make money. They give customers more takeout options, whether they’re seeking their usual meal from their go-to neighborhood restaurant. Or a longing to try something new, thanks to our restaurants and drivers.

Look up a restaurant by its name, cuisine, or menu item. 

Your results will be filtered appropriately. Once you’ve located what you’re looking for, you can place a free order either online or over the phone. Oh, and they also provide you with access to customer reviews, coupons, exclusive discounts, and a 24/7 customer service team that monitors every order and ensures you receive what you want.

Because you might need some toothpaste or dish soap after your lunch, we are now providing our services to bodegas and convenience stores as well. It’s a logical progression that was simple to incorporate into our platform.

In order to expand opportunities and benefits for everyone, Grubhub will keep pushing the limits of what is practical. I have and always will.

Pizza Hut

The popularity of pizza among Indians has only grown over time, and Pizza Hut’s development of a meal delivery app helped the company gain a stronger foothold in the industry. 

Pizza Hut also offers live monitoring, quicker delivery, and fantastic deals. Because of how user-friendly the app is, ordering food becomes much easier and quicker.

Pizza Hut isn’t like other restaurants. None of our pizzas. Not one of our own. And certainly not the way they conduct our lives. We don’t accept anything less than haute cuisine that we are proud to offer around here. 

They also don’t simply clock in. Not when we may also improve, make friends, and enjoy ourselves in the process. We are the pizza business that lives an unboxed life.

They don’t simply cook pizza at Pizza Hut. They bring joy to others. Pizza Hut was founded on the principle that pizza night should be a special occasion, and they uphold this principle in all that we do. 

They know how to provide the finest possible customer service by adhering to tried and tested service principles: they make food that they are glad to serve and deliver it quickly and cheerfully.


It’s always “Rishton ka time” at Domino’s. Whether it’s a reward for your promotion, a prize for a child who excels in school, or a chance to win your wife over after a long day at work when she’s too exhausted to cook.

One only needs a cheese slice of the tastiest pizza to start any celebration and put things in perspective. You don’t even have to run to the restaurant right now to have one right now. You only need to make a call, make a few clicks on our website. Or use your mobile device to make a few quick taps to have that delectable, inexpensive pizza delivered to your door.

The best aspect of the Domino’s app is customization, which offers a pizza for every occasion. The various pizza options are quite delicious and enticing. 

Domino’s pizza has the greatest cheesy crust, and having it in your dining room only increases the fun. The app guarantees 30-minute delivery, or you receive it for nothing.

 Another fantastic feature is that you can order pizza from the closest Domino’s location and have it delivered on a train as well. Therefore, you can have a pizza even while riding a tedious train.

Everyone will find something here to like. By the time they get to the last bite of the last slice of pizza, the vegetarians, the non-vegetarians, the fans of sides, and the lovers of dessert will all have finished their meals.


Deliveroo is a hyperlocal, three-sided marketplace that links nearby customers, eateries, and riders to complete a crucial, emotional purchase in under 30 minutes. Deliveroo has expanded quickly because it provides customers with quick and dependable deliveries that they can track online. 

Deliveroo today serves millions of customers in 11 regions around the world while collaborating with tens of thousands of restaurants and grocery stores as well as thousands of riders.

London-based Deliveroo is a food delivery service that is taking advantage of the expanding potential in the Indian cuisine market. In India, Deliveroo first began operating. In the Indian marketplaces, Deliveroo receives around 20,000 orders each day, growing by 20–25% month over month.

They have devoted years to researching customer preferences and developing a proposal that can be tailored to appeal to every demographic, including students, professionals, families, residents of city centers, suburbs, commuter belts, and small towns. 

Everybody eats, and Deliveroo offers a deal that appeals to residents in every neighborhood.

Values are the foundation of all we do at Deliveroo. They direct our collaboration and decision-making processes, whether it’s for hiring or the growth and development of our teams, individuals, and products.


These are the food delivery services that may offer a variety of services to our customers. Before the project begins, clients will receive thorough recommendations and insights. We are happy to show the different food delivery apps with you. And there many online platforms or digital marketing seem to make some food delivery apps. Our experience in application design. Additionally, you can use many different apps to see the delivery option .