Best MBA Universities in Delhi NCR

One of India’s major metropolises, Delhi is home to several enterprises from a variety of sectors that are embracing learning. Compared to other locations, Delhi’s MBA programme offers outstanding educational opportunities and strong placement rates. More than 200 MBA schools in Delhi provide high-quality management training, making the entire Delhi National Capital Region the management students’ most treasured fantasy. Doing an MBA in Delhi is a wise decision because there are many MBA programmes there that can be pursued for reasonable costs with significant returns on investment, and because Delhi has the distinction of being the National Capital, it also offers more opportunities for corporate interaction.

This fact draws attention to how crucial it is to develop managerial skills and make a profession out of them. There are numerous specialties available in terms of careers, including Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Finance,Banking, Operations, Consulting Services, etc.

For any of the aforementioned streams, Delhi NCR is one of the places where you may locate the best colleges. These colleges are spread around the Delhi NCR region and offer a variety of streams and facilities. This page includes a list of the best MBA programmes in Delhi-NCR, organised by rankings, cost, placements, and popular stream.

The List of Best MBA Universities/Colleges in Delhi :

Faculty of Management Studies [FMS], New Delhi

FMS has the distinct honour of being affiliated with the University of Delhi, one of the top universities in the world, which has some of the best departments in the fields of research in operations, economics, Sociology and Law. With the help of contributions from many departments, our collaborative approach benefits from a far broader perspective and deeper understanding. This is demonstrated by the accomplishments of our alumni, who hold leading roles in businesses and governments all across the world. Students have unrivalled access to knowledge, mentors, and opportunities because of the network of more than 10000 alumni.

FMS honours initiative, originality, and creative problem-solving. Our pupils are highly intelligent individualists with a gift for cooperation and teamwork. We are a diversified group with a growing flare and dynamism.

In addition to corporate management, the Faculty of Management Studies focuses on management education. The dedication entails thinking leadership combined with an in-depth knowledge of business. With a focus on concepts and theory, the pedagogical approach includes fieldwork, case studies, and instrumented feedback.

Management Development Institute [MDI], Gurgaon

Over 45 countries around the world have benefited from the influence of MDI graduates and staff. Inspiring us, leaving a legacy of ideals, enterprise, and invention is what the past has been to us. In order to have an impact on the future of business, we strive to be the best every day while redefining what management education is.

Through academic quality and ongoing innovation, MDI seeks to become a respected management school on a worldwide scale that produces leaders who will develop sustainable alternatives. via the advancement of knowledge, evolve into a management school with national and international renown.

MDI main motive :- 

  • Utilise cutting edge resources to improve academic excellence in research, consulting, training, and teaching.
  • Promote ongoing innovation.
  • Develop and support leaders who are socially conscious.
  • Encourage sustainable alternatives while making Decisions.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade [IIFT], New Delhi

It has come a long way to become an innovative institution dedicated to teaching students about international trade and business through research and training. In 2002, the Institute received designation as a “Deemed to be University.”

When IIFT was founded, the following goals were in mind:

  • Imparting professional education in cutting-edge management approaches pertinent to global companies.
  • Give the attendees the opportunity to understand how the various and complicated duties of international business are interconnected.
  • Develop business executives’ abilities to comprehend diverse trade and economic concerns better.
  • Conduct thorough study on domestic and international business and trade concerns.

Department of Management Studies, IIT DELHI [DMS IITD], New Delhi

An idea that was first proposed in 1963 has evolved into the Department of Management Studies. What was initially a seed slowly took root, and in 1974, IIT Delhi established an internal committee to examine how the management section of the institute was run.

MBA of DMS Full Time aims to create holistic managers with the special qualities of systems orientation and a synthesis of creative and analytical problem-solving skills. These managers should be able to adapt to shifting business needs without any difficulty. 

The curriculum offers students a variety of entry points into the field, aligning its needs with their aptitudes. Each student has the chance to enrol in major-stream courses in Operations, Information Systems,Strategic Management, Finance & Marketing Management. Students receive a cross-functional view in addition to their functional areas of emphasis.

International Management Institute [IMI], Delhi

IMI New Delhi is India’s first corporate-sponsored business school and was founded in 1981. The initial emphasis was placed on training initiatives for managers at all levels. Later, it began the full-time, one-year programme, which is currently going strong. Human Resource Management is viewed holistically in the curriculum’s design. 

It is split between a number of required and optional courses, as well as the summer internship programme. The emphasis during both years is on providing a balanced professional based on industrial requirements, as well as on building a manager with good human resource management skills.

Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management [LBSIM]

Our most recent endeavour, the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Technology and Management, Indore (LBSITM), offers a two-year full-time regular postgraduate diploma in management. Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi, will serve as the template for the institution duly accredited by AICTE, the Ministry of Education, and the Government of India.

It takes pride in being one of the top institutions for offering value-based management training, creating professionals with a compassionate and practical outlook on the path to corporate greatness.

Through collaborative efforts, experiential learning, self-study, group exercises, case studies, industry interaction, and research projects, the curriculum develops a person and enables them to realise their full potential.

Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi 

The Department’s academic programmes, which include the flagship MBA programme and PhDs in a variety of business and economic research topics, draw bright minds from all over the country (BE).

The institute is able to be a hub for supplying dedicated, motivated, and skilled employees to the business thanks to a stringent selection process and an eclectic blend of academics, academicians, researchers, and professionals.

Today, the Department is quite proud of the individuals it produces who are adept at both quantitative and qualitative business research techniques.

The Department boasts of its significant alumni base, which shines like lights throughout the corporate skyline, and of its distinguished history of 48 years. The Department has also maintained its status as the big corporations’ favoured partner by forging strong partnerships with them.

Birla Institute of Management [BIMTECH], Greater Noida

The postgraduate management degree programme has proven to be exceptional in preparing future business leaders with a global entrepreneurial mindset. Specilization in Finance , Human Resource , Marketing & Sales , Operation is available through the program. 

This BIMTECH curriculum, which debuted in 1994, is its flagship. The program’s strict requirements give participants the hard and soft skills they need to eventually succeed in leadership positions across a variety of global sectors.

The Program Architecture was developed after benchmarking with some of the most well-known MBA Programs worldwide and consulting with business leaders.


Every student wants to pursue their education at one of Delhi NCR’s top MBA institutions and advance their professional lives. Universities are working hard to keep ahead of the competition as the education business gets more and more cutthroat. If you take the aforementioned factors into account, selecting the finest MBA programmes might be straightforward.