Best Boarding School in Delhi NCR

India’s heart is in Delhi. Some of the most significant revolutions have occurred there since it is the centre of politics. In this city, “brand names communicate” and “money speaks” alternately. But it’s also a place where “every cause gets a voice” and “silence is noticed.” It has historical significance of its own and has seen many empires emerge and fall.

The educational system in Delhi is among the best in the nation. It is as a result of the youthful minds receiving the proper exposure. Delhi’s current educational system has advanced thanks to a number of innovative and helpful initiatives. A variety of strategies have been used to revolutionise youth education in India. The expected outcomes were attained as a result of these efforts.

The cornerstones of any reputable day-boarding school are the art programmes, highly trained teachers, and a well-established discipline structure. If your child is accepted into the boarding school, he or she will be mentored and prepared to be a productive member of society.

The greatest boarding schools in Delhi-National Capital Region are listed in this article. 

Let’s examine each one in turn

Pathways World School, Aravali, Gurgaon

Introduced to cutting-edge teaching strategies, the Pathways World School adopts the ground-breaking “Multiple Intelligence” method of instruction. The institute is in a great position that makes it accessible from Delhi, Gurugram, and Faridabad. The 10-acre campus where the institute is located has a welcoming atmosphere for learning and seeking knowledge. 

The boarding here is deserving of recognition with some of the best in elite facilities. The “day borders,” “weekly borders,” and “term borders” are all part of the system. This approach has been put into use to help different needs of families.

For families where both parents work, the “weekly boarders” programme is a miracle worker.When their parents are home on the weekends, this feature enables the youngster to remain in a loving atmosphere and return home.

Academics are given top attention at the institute, combined with consideration for each child’s overall development. Because of this, the educational system offers a variety of extracurricular activities, organisations, and programmes to help students have fun while learning. To assist the youngsters in overcoming their everyday obstacles, the boarding staff provides care and assistance as part of the institute’s “resident parent” system.

Genesis Global School, Noida

The school’s mission is to provide academic excellence while serving as a hub for student learning. The Genesis Global School has distinguished itself in the market. The ability to provide students the curriculum and environment in which they feel most at ease is the nicest thing about the institute.

One of the top boarding schools in Delhi NCR is this institution. The facilities offered here are of the highest calibre, providing each student with the conveniences and personal space they need. The “Coffee House,” an internal publication of the residential school, gives residential students a glimpse into campus life and events. The school has set up a “Fun Zone” for the boarders.To promote the children’s general growth, a variety of fun competitions and events are organised here.

Modern School, Barakhamba Road, Delhi

The institute is a masterful fusion of the Indian cultural learning system and the global educational system. Since its founding, Modern School has served as a symbol of inspiration and a location where parents send their kids to “study.” The institute’s goal is to help young people develop into exceptional beings by providing them with innovation.

Here, a focus on teaching young brains to think, tolerate, and inspire is very important. The campus’s facilities were thoughtfully designed to improve learning. It provides roomy, comfortable housing options where they may unwind and study. While co-tenants as a whole live together as a family, the students appreciate their solitude.

The campus is always being watched upon by a well-trained security system and CCTV cameras that have been deployed everywhere. The institute also offers accommodations for parents who come to visit. While visiting their ward, they can have a trouble-free time.

DPS, RK Puram, Delhi

Only recently did the school come to national attention when honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid an exclusive visit to the institution for the 2020 “Pariksha Pe Charcha” competition. The topic of the session was managing stress, exam-related anxiety, and other challenges with peer pressure. Similarly, the DPS society makes sure that all of the amenities and facilities on campus are of the highest calibre. The boarding houses where the students live are unique.

The campus facilitates students’ overall growth. The music centre, the art galleries, the library, the meeting space, and the laboratories all have space available. Students from all over the world feel at home in the on-site hostels. They have top-notch resources and all the necessary infrastructure along with various amenities. The kitchen makes sure that the food is healthy and hygienic. The rooms are cosy and thoughtfully designed to give the kids a great space to study. One of Delhi NCR’s top boarding schools is this institution.

DPS, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

The institution is a representation of greatness, accomplishments, and innovations in education. with a strong reputation that follows and a legacy in the brand name. One of the top boarding schools in Delhi NCR is DPS, Vasant Kunj.

The campus has facilities that meet or exceed international standards. Every amenity is offered with the students’ welfare and comfort in mind. The institute has some of the greatest boarding facilities in the nation. The dorm rooms are well-designed and roomy, with space for individual beds, a desk, and a wardrobe. The hostels also offer a variety of recreational amenities and activity spaces so that the young minds can develop at their own pace and in their own environment. The institute’s dining areas are hygienic, and the food prepared is well-balanced.

The Mann School, Delhi

The Mann School encourages students to experience the best parts of life while being disciplined, responsible, and caring. Students from different nations, ethnicities, and religions come together at this school to form a single family with shared ideals. One of the best schools in the nation, Mann School never ceases to excite those whose lives it has touched. The all-cool “Life@MS,” a superb book by JS Mann, is well worth reading because it beautifully conveys the actual sentiments of how life develops in this residential school.

In order to make sure that the students who are studying and residing here have the finest of everything, this residential school has gone above and beyond. The entire campus has centrally operated refrigeration, and even the drinking water is cooled. The first-rate boarding facilities are very trustworthy. To ensure that the students remain comfortable, the institute placed solar water heaters in the dorms. Hostels use a sophisticated scheduling system to ensure that learning and fun go hand in hand.

GD Goenka World School, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

The G.D. Goenka Group has established itself as a leader in quality education over the past 21 years with over 40 wholly-owned and franchised schools in India and abroad. This includes the G.D. Goenka Toddler House, a future network of kindergartens, around 15 G.D. Goenka preschools, an entire Education City on the Sohna-Gurgaon, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) method.

The Goenka World School was the first of its kind to introduce air conditioning in the classrooms and on the buses. Goenka led the way in establishing a sophisticated security system and communications for the first time in an Indian institution. The residential school’s boarding facilities are equally stunning. It provides plenty of room and a setting that meets international standards.

Beautiful and well-equipped with all the amenities needed to provide a comfortable environment for the dwelling students, the campus is well-maintained. The residential school has both day boarding and weekly boarding options. This is done in order to meet the various needs of families.

Vidsan Charterhouse, Faridabad

Ideas, thinking, and creativity are held in the highest regard at the Vidsan Charterhouse. The co-educational institute provides a place for students from all over the world to learn and further their knowledge. Young minds are encouraged to think and express themselves freely in the institute’s supportive holistic learning environment. The curriculum used here combines active learning with the appropriate application of knowledge.

The campus’s boarding amenities are unique and make the students “feel at home.” The facilities in the dorms have everything the students may possibly need to feel at home. Your timetable at the hostel will be jam-packed with enjoyment, education, and learning thanks to a variety of facilities and programmes.

With their knowledge and counselling, the pastoral care at the institute gives everyone living here a sense of comfort and safety.

As an IB and CAIE-affiliated school, we work to produce well-rounded students who are driven to learn and become knowledgeable inquirers who are ready for lifelong learning in a context that is relevant to the rest of the world.

Apeejay School, Noida

This school offers a creative environment that is great for learning and growth. Numerous celebrities and public figures have acknowledged, valued, and visited the institute. The campus’s grounds have seen the footsteps of APJ Abdul Kalam, P. Chidambaram, and former prime minister IK Gujral.

The school provides a variety of facilities and amenities as one of North India’s most sought-after institutions. The students who live here now feel more at “home” and in tune with their surroundings. This residential school offers a safe and secure environment for the students to learn, grow, and have fun under the skilled guidance of the Hostel superintendent and Hostel nurse.One of India’s top boarding schools is this institution.

The school received numerous awards and praise for its work in educating and exposing young minds through a variety of platforms, including camps, tours, leadership programmes, cultural events, workshops, cross-country races, cycling adventures, and others.

Inter House competitions are an essential component of the curriculum at the school, and as such, they are held with vigour and zeal in order to emphasise the value of sportsmanship in bringing out the best in young players. Competitions may be skill or elocution quizzes, best out-of-waste games, or yoga.

Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi

Army Public School has a long and illustrious history. It occupies the same prominent position in the field of education, which stands for the superiority of learning. The institute was created to support the academic success of service members’ and veterans’ children. Even now, officers’ kids are given preference when it comes to admissions, which are done on a priority basis. The college itself is inspiring, with its huge grounds and lush surroundings.

Here, the faculty and students coexist peacefully as one big happy family. Special attention is provided to the students living here to assure their security and comfort. The lads are instructed to act responsibly and as respectable members of society.

It is praiseworthy how the institute handles its procedures and attention. Some of the best personalities in society receive assistance from them in their development. One of Delhi NCR’s top boarding schools is this institution. sportsmanship is important for bringing out young athletes’ most powerful spirits.


One of the best educational systems in the nation is found in Delhi.. It is because the young minds are getting the right exposure. The existing educational system in Delhi has improved as a result of numerous creative and beneficial initiatives. India’s youth education has undergone a revolution thanks to a range of tactics. The expected outcomes were attained as a result of these efforts.